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4M Mission

4M - unlocking creativity and letting imaginations run free

4M, specialised in producing creative games and craft kits for curious kids, established since 1993. Our team of Hong Kong inspirational designers is dedicated to the development of exciting products that enliven kid's natural curiosity. Our dedicated team strives to experiment and discover in an exciting, but safe way, to inspire children's thoughts beyond their wildest dreams.

Excellence recognized globally

As an organisation, we are totally committed to the products that we supply and always look to improve as we are delivering on our promises of quality and fun. There is however, a good deal of satisfaction to be recognised by leading industry bodies for the work we do. We regularly receive awards worldwide for both our science and craft products. This demonstrates to our customers the distinction and safety they are buying as well as proving that we are excelling. In 2011, the Solar Robot was awarded as one of the Best New Toys 2011 of Creative Category by the British Toy and Hobby Association. The worldwide accolades came from different continents in 2010 with our Plastic Bag Monster granted with 19th Toy of the Year Award by Disney Family Fun Magazine in USA while Tyrannosaurus Rex picked up a Silver Medal from Independent Toy Specialists of Australia Co-op Limited. And the diversity of our success can then be seen in 2008 with the compliment of an Parents' Choice Award (USA) - Approved Award going to the Wooden Spoon Puppet.

Safety comes first

Enabling children to play and experiment safely is the most significant factor in the design of our products. We, at 4M, support and endorse the ongoing work to improve the safety standards in the international market. In the face of ever increasing levels of regulation, we ensure quality is maintained through regular testing and always reach the most up-to-date requirements in both the EU and USA. Pre-launch of every product is subject to rigorous lab testing that covers amongst other things like sensitivity material testing for wet paint, plaster powder, plastic block and glue as well.

Working today for a better environment tomorrow

We truly care about the environment and we are delighted to use premium packaging that is almost entirely PVC free. To encourage environmental awareness among the children who enjoy our creativity craft products, we have included a wide variety of recycling tips in our products that they can use and share with others.

Working in community partnerships

Creating opportunities for kids to use curiosity as a positive force and learn through exploration, is at the heart of the organisation. There are therefore no better partners for 4M as a caring company than Oxfam and Orbis. 4M remains actively involved in supporting the initiatives that are undertaken by these charities in improving lives around the planet by creating opportunity.

Crossing language barriers

Creativity should not be restricted by language. To enable kids all over the world to enjoy our products, our detailed instructions accompanying safety warnings come with 6 languages (including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese).

Care for every element - outside and in

We pride ourselves on creating packaging that reflects the high quality of our products as well as being fun and impactful. The dynamism of 4M packaging immediately appeals to children with bright imagery, and to adults because of the eye-catching captions and concise descriptions.